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AIM Recycling Europe nv is  the European yard of the Canadian "American Iron and Metal" company, a major player in America in the field of scrap processing and recycling since 1936.

At AIM Recycling Europe nv ferrous and non-ferrous scrap waste is sorted, stored and mechanically treated, for purposes of recycling. Where previously non-ferrous metal products were mainly sold and processed in Asia, it has become possible through AIM Recycling Europe to keep the processing of  ferrous and non-ferrous metal products back within Europe.

The scrap comes mainly by truck, but we can also load on vessels. The scrap is always scanned for radioactivity. AIM Recycling Europe nv only accepts decontaminated scrap.

At the moment,  an average of  500 tonnes of scrap can be shredded.

Contact us of +32 59 41 70 00

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